Thursday, March 6, 2014
The Shooter's Section

I have been shooting people, animals, things and places with a camera for years.  I am slowly posting more of my photographic work on the Internet.

My portfolio: Photojournalism
My portfolio: Photojournalism

I'm not sure how best to display my photojournalism. Some things I retain the rights to (such as my work for Plastics at SEA), others I do not. For now, I will experiment with Storify to see how well it works as a showcase for my professional photographic work. As it is now, it is a somewhat haphazardly organized portfolio, with links to individual stories that contain the photos, to photo galleries, and sometimes just to individual photos, such as the one in the thumbnail above.

My portfolio: Photojournalism

Plastics at SEA:
North Atlantic Expedition 2010
Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition 2010

In 2010 I had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream: to go to sea—really, really far out to sea—onboard a tall ship. The ship was the Sea Education Association brigantine, the SSV Corwith Cramer, and we were on the Plastics at SEA: North Atlantic Expedition 2010 to study plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean. I was hired as science writer, photographer and editor, but I also pulled two watches a day just like everyone else on the ship.

The Plastics at SEA blog consists of four main elements: a Daily Journal; Science Results; Reflections on Shipboard Life; and a statistical summary, "Today on the Corwith Cramer" that appeared on each day's Reflections page. Along with these elements were daily photo galleries and occasional videos prepared by expedition members Scott Elliott and Ben Schellpfeffer.

To make it easier to find my writing and photography from the expedition, I've Storified it here. If you only want to look at the pictures, go here.

To get an idea of how much work I and the rest of the crew did, consider this excerpt from my final Daily Journal post:

We've accomplished a lot. We've sailed more than 3,800 nautical miles. In the process we crossed over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and nearly reached longitude 40°W. We've completed 128 neuston tows, 106 surface stations, 47 carousel casts, and 34 Tucker trawls. We've counted more than 48,000 pieces of plastic and 100 pieces of tar. We've collected 1,388 Halobates and 219 myctophids (lanternfish), and we've counted more than 5,000 copepods, 900 Cladocera, and more than 700 hyperiid amphipods – among other creatures.

As with any good scientific expedition, the scientists face months, if not years, of data analysis and preparation of scientific reports. Some of their initial questions will be answered, but many more will arise out of what they find as they sift through the numbers.

As for me, I'm obviously still working, so my statistics are incomplete. Through yesterday, I filed 33 daily reports (this is the 34th and final one). For those first 33 days, I wrote and filed 33,155 words – all the Daily Journal entries, all the cutlines for the photos, and six Reflections on Shipboard Life essays.

I shot more than 5,000 photos, all of which take up nearly 13 gigabytes on my external hard drive. Each day I looked at what I shot and what my shipmates had shot and nominated for publication, and selected 10 to be published each day. (I forgot to move one of those into the upload folder the other night, though, so it didn't make it on the site.)

I don't have statistics for how many times the engineering crew started and stopped the engine or generators. I don't have statistics for how many times we struck or set particular sails. I don't have statistics for how many times we gybed or changed course. Much of that information exists in the various logs the crew keeps, but it hasn't been compiled.

Believe me, as I wrote those words, I was very, very tired.
Dave's travel photography

I've managed to travel a bit in my five four decades, and when I traveled, I took a camera. I've shot a hell of a lot of film in a hell of a lot of places, and I've wanted to share some of that with the rest of the world via the Web.

Travels in Indonesia and elsewhere
Dave's Flickr site

After switching to digital photography with the puchase of a Pentax Digital *ist, I had thousands of photographs, but not the time to design Web pages like those in my Travels site. I began experimenting with photo-sharing sites and eventually settled on Flickr.

My Flickr site

The Shreveport, La., Times
AME church fire

A set of photographs taken at the scene of a fire in the pastor's office of an African Methodist Episcopal church in Shreveport, La., on January 15, 1986. One of the photographs appeared in The Times on January 16.

Fire at African Methodist Episcopal church